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Workhandling systems for transfer machines


  • Maximum operator safety
  • High system productivity
  • High operating range
  • Fast retooling
  • Option to add auxiliary operations such as washing, marking or drilling
  • Handling of complex working cycles
  • Option to handle post-processing stations
  • Self-learning operating software
  • Direct partnerships with the main manufacturers of transfer machines worldwide

Our automated workhandling systems for transfer machines have been entirely conceived and developed to satisfy the production requirements of our customers, allowing them to handle even short production runs automatically.

It is the fastest, most reliable and most versatile system currently on the market for loading/ unloading workpieces onto a transfer machine.

Our proven experience in the sector allied with the integration of an advanced vision system enables us to reduce the workpiece loading time as well as the retooling time for workpiece changeover.

Our robot cells can be provided with logo and marking recognition, system diagnostics, system performance management and teleassistance or remote technical support.